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Currently in development, the Project Scheduling module integrates your project activities and your human resources competencies, and creates a master project plan using an advanced planning and scheduling algorithm. The constant monitoring of the project activities, their required competencies, the timely availability of such qualified resources and estimated cost/time to completion become a routine task. Working in connection with Project Accounting, Project Billing and the Human Resources Management modules, the Project Scheduling integrates, to your MS Project application and to your MS Outlook scheduler, for quick decentralized time capture and schedule monitoring.


  • Details client’s file containing personal information and supplementary notes (preferences).
  • Simulation of the master activity and project plan schedule.
  • Describes up-to-date client’s status and activities to be performed.
  • Validates resources’ skills, constraints and availability in line with the outstanding activities requirement (integration to the Human Resources module).
  • Enables to edit such activities in line with the ones actually performed.
  • Gives the weekly/monthly agenda of activities drill down per client or per day/week/period.
  • Enables to edit the weekly/monthly agenda, when changes are required because of absentism, contingencies, rescheduling, etc.
  • Provides new schedules, new client files, memos and other notes from Headquarters, at a set frequency.
  • Enables employees to directly enter expense accounts related to the activites performed and which is transmitted to Headquarters.
  • Offers all the standard functions of a personal diary, schedule planner.
  • Management reports include activity loading per project, resource, week/month.
  • Scheduled activities report can be confirmed by batch and included in the next pre-billing report (integration to Project Billing).
  • Accomplishment report per activity, project, master schedule, week/month with efficiency ration.
  • Millennium “turn of the century” management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Extensive memoing function to any records or fields.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).