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Acting as a complement to Project Accounting, the Project Billing module assures the timely invoicing process of chargeable projects. Using project specific billing methodology, the preparation of the invoicing simulation will collect all work in process, data and translate such into the selected format for validation. Consistent with the GAAP standards, the revenue recognition/deferral function will assure that your billing is in line with the requirements, and create any relevant intra-company expense actualization entries when many entities (departments) were involved in the project process.


  • Hourly or contractual invoicing, with numerous linear or progressive methods available.
  • Allows to invoice internal costs such as use of assets, equipment, photocopies, and billable expenses.
  • Invoicing by predetermined periods (milestone billing) or percentage or realization of work-in-progress (progress billing).
  • Document generator enables to create personalized invoice template, addressing customer specific layout, data grouping, etc.
  • Each project can have its own personalized invoice template.
  • Automatic invoicing routine.
  • Possibility to materialize unearned revenues anytime.
  • Follow-up on unearned revenues for a fast and simple conciliation to the work-in-progress sub-ledger.
  • Allows manual and automatic invoicing, as well as adjustments and credit notes.
  • Fully integrated to the Accounts Receivable module.
  • Millennium “turn of the century” management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Extensive memoing function to any record or field.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).