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A major component of the Manufacturing series, the Production Planning module is a flexible, easy-to-use package driven by closed-loop MRPII technology. Information from Inventory Management, Purchase Orders, Sales Order Processing, Bill of materials, and Production Activity Control is analyzed in conjunction with the master production schedule, to produce a bucketless, time-phased Materials and Capacity Requirements Plan. With Production Planning, you can validate plans by comparing the planned load to available capacity. Alternate schedules can be simulated until the optimal plan is obtained, and then implemented by converting planned orders to firm orders, and then to actual purchase orders and work orders.


  • MRP Forecast Maintenance.
  • Pegged forecast to customer, sales person, territory, and warehouse.
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS), with pegging details.
  • Real-time simulation modes for master production schedules and forecasts.
  • Multiple simulations with automatic conversion to plans.
  • Regenerative and net-change MRP.
  • Planned and firm orders.
  • Real-time electronic action messages can be routed through MAPI compliant E-mail.
  • Capacity reporting.
  • MRP respects bill effectiveness dates.
  • Millennium “turn of the century” management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Two-level MPS.
  • Blow-through logic.
  • User-defined forecast backward/forward consumption window.
  • Calendar-driven MRP.
  • Extensive memoing function to any record or field.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).