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Job Shop allows you to handle a broad range of custom manufacturing activities, from a true engineer-to-order, one-time-only job—with on the fly definition of materials, structures, and methods—to jobs which use standard components and sub-assemblies, but which are still driven by customer orders. Complete your job cost against the original estimate and monitor the gross contribution while the job is being done.


  • Automatic cycle to generate work orders, customer quotations, sales orders, and invoices from the costed job.
  • Critical path scheduling, job component shortage report.
  • Graphical Time Line Inquiry for pre-approved work orders and approved jobs.
  • Multi-level Bill of Material structures.
  • Cost rollups with suggested selling prices based on margin objectives by material, labor burden, and minimum charge.
  • Estimates and quotations (integrated to Order Processing and Invoicing).
  • Variance processing.
  • WIP accounting and job billing.
  • Complete integration to all of the Manufacturing modules.
  • Millennium “turn of the century” management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Extensive memoing function to any record or field.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).