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Servicing clients goes beyond order capture and prompt delivery. In today’s world, if you buy or make it and sell it, you need to service it. Collecting client calls, logging its nature, finding a solution fast and assuring their follow up can contribute to your clientele’s honesty, increasing your clients’ retention. Whether you have a warranty or support program available, you need to assure that those interventions not covered by such be promptly invoiced, and that your knowledge base is available for mass defect correction. The Hot Line Help Desk expands the physical boundaries of your organization, it provides comfort and prompt service in the after sales cycle; it creates goodwill.


  • Maintain specific support related master file containing information regarding each customers.
    • Multiple site capability (throughout the system as well).
    • Business information for sales inquiries (type, number of employees, etc.).
    • Name of all contact persons for accounting, support, and industry specific data.
    • Department and project manager for the account.
    • Specific minimum/maximum billing rate, and support hours (business, 24 hrs, etc).
    • Active/inactive/hold status and minimum priority per site/account.
  • Maintain a secondary master file containing all the information pertaining to a specific site or customer.
  • Print your own customer profile forms and send them to your customers so that they can “fill in the blanks“ and help you keep your files up to date.
  • Maintain an on-line system for all available updates.
  • Multi-company, multi-division type of support plan structure.
  • Enter all the service call requests on an hour per hour or day per day basis with configurable time units (5/15/60/?? minutes, or 1/2-1 day minimum charges).
  • Each service call can be assigned a specific priority level, expertise code and estimated time to help the dispatcher assign the calls to specific individuals. The employee can even figure out which call to solve next based on his/her own expertise, the expertise required to fix the problem and the priority of the calls, through a specific inquiry.
  • Differentiate between the real ”open“ calls and those suspended for missing information or waiting for a customer with the ”Follow-up“ call status.
    • Supported goods original manufacturer, model, serial number.
    • Environmental data, relationship between components.
    • Other supported goods, commodities information.
    • Description of the external service contracts to each supported component.
  • Maintain a service master file to hold all the information related to the available services per site or customer, date of effectivity, covered and non-covered elements, etc.
  • Maintain a service plan master file per customer, site, product. Easily handle the quoting, invoicing, renewal process with specific management reports and data entry programs. These service plans may entitle a customer to a fixed annual rate for support, or per call rate.
  • Manage the adjustments to prepaid support through a prepaid transaction entry program (when not related to a service call).
  • Take care of the sales taxes applicable only on specific types of services.
  • Includes routine to transfer vital information from one database to another when the system is run as a stand-alone (Foreign country offices <-> Main office data transfers).
  • Millennium ”turn of the century“ management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Extensive memoing function to any record or field.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).