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The General Ledger is the heart of the Financial Management and Accounting Series. Designed by experts in corporate finance, this module is fully GAAP compliant. By separating the chart of accounts from financial statement design, you can avoid duplicate account code numbers while creating financial statements for any combination of companies, divisions, product lines, or other entities, as of any accounting period in any available fiscal year. The data segmented between “amounts”, “budget”, “quantity” for any available exercise can be compared and presented in the most creative format. Enable the fund accounting ledger for a more structured reporting of your budget credit consumption functions. The financial statement-formatting tool extends the utmost functionality in the preparation of intricate statements (e.g. change in financial position) and forms an integral component of your environment. Manage your multiple currencies, EURO conversion, budgets and corporations with a single entry, or incorporate our unique analytical reporting capabilities within your financial statements. With a powerful and elegant combination of on-line transaction processing and strong internal control over the accounting flow, this module constitutes a financial management and reporting base for a broad range of industries.


  • The incorporation of a “relation entity“ hierarchy concept - a powerful feature which allows even the most complicated structures to be broken down into simple reporting entities.
  • Pseudo entities which consolidate different entities that do not follow pattern-matching regulations. This is especially helpful in
  • Entity activity/inactivity status.
  • The ability to maintain an extended list of valid entities which can use a particular GL account.
  • The chart of account structure is component based, totalling 5 segments and 35 characters (company - entity - GL account - job/project ID - currency).
  • Posting to any period for the last, current, or next fiscal year.
  • Multiple year-period with date sensitive reports.
  • Flexible accounting periods (12-13).
  • Amounts and non-financial quantities integrating analytical reporting capabilities.
  • Calculation of the periodical (daily, weekly, monthly) average balance of account(s), and corresponding reports.
  • Automatic on the fly calculation of opening balances for the next period and year.
  • Recurring, reversing, and automatic allocation distributions. Intra/inter-entities and GL accounts.
  • A financial statement generator which allows users to produce flexible statements according to their needs. Left and right margin headings are available, in addition to the usual heading format, 15 columns prints including comparative to budget, previous year’s actual, statistical quantities which fully supports mathematical formulas.
  • Fund management with Liquidity Entity for corporate treasury control completed with inter-fund entry.
  • Multiple budget revision with valid budget selection at the report printing function.
  • Fixed and variable budgeting capabilities. Variable budgeting defines estimated or actual budget models based on hours, dollars, or quantities. A work file is used to simulate the budget for the account, based on automatically calculated fixed and variable portions. Manual overrides are permitted. Once approved, the work file can be transferred to the budget file.
  • Flexible period closing feature.
  • User-controlled transaction details storage duration.
  • Truly multi-currency capabilities. The GL stores each transaction in its original currency, the relevant conversion rate used and its equivalent in the home currency. Re-actualize your impact of conversion rates on the fly.
  • Reporting of earned and unearned profit or loss on foreign exchange.
  • WIP (Work In Progress) allows automatic GL updates from work order information (manufacturing and distribution modules).
  • Extensive memoing function to any records or fields.
  • Management reports can be selected by year/period or date sensitive.
  • Ability to interface to the most popular spreadsheets.
  • Millennium ”turn of the century“ management.
  • User controlled transaction details storage duration and historical suppression process.
  • Integrated audit trailability on all static and dynamic data (creation - change - deletion).