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A developer of business management software.

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Vision/R4 Corp is a Canadian based company founded in 1996 with a subsidiary Vision (Four) Africa Co. Ltd in Kenya. We specialise in developing and implementing integrated enterprise management software solutions. Our logo’s arcs represent the unending synergy that exists around a sphere of activity, a system entirely controlled around a world of elements.

Our team of skilled implementation specialists will take your “project to integrate” and turn it into an “integrated project”, delivering the solution in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost while ensuring that the knowledge and expertise is transferred to the end-users. We recognize that no two enterprises are alike. So we help our customers manage their organisation with solutions that meet the unique requirements of their operations. Our approach is one of partnership. We look at business opportunities ONE CLIENT AT A TIME.

Product Lines

  • Apogee ERP

    A full ERP system designed by Vision/R4.

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