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A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Visibility Corporation provides business and technical solutions such as ERP (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) that help organizations achieve optimal results from their business information systems. Founded in 1988, Visibility is a recognized leader as an enterprise software and technical services company with client successes throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. With hundreds of clients worldwide, Visibility has more than 20,000 end users.

Visibility’s corporate headquarters is located 10 miles north of Boston in Andover, Massachusetts in the United States and Visibility’s European headquarters is located 10 miles southwest of Manchester Center in Altrincham, England.

Optimizing productivity and recognizing an immediate return on investment are common business drivers for the organizations we serve. Working closely with you to understand your business objectives and assess your current systems and processes, Visibility provides solutions that range from easy-to-deploy, high-impact reporting and analytic solutions, to comprehensive integrated enterprise applications, to applications built to address your specific business needs.

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