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Viewtrak Technologies

A developer of business management software.

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Viewtrak Technologies Inc is the global leader in Livestock Information Technology Solutions.

Created in 1999, Viewtrak Technologies is based out of our head office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with satellite offices in Ontario, Kentucky, South Dakota, New Mexico and Illinois.

We are the largest supplier of comprehensive hardware and software solutions across North America throughout livestock supply chains, including Farmers & Ranchers, Auction Marts, Feedlots, and Packing & Processing enterprises. Viewtrak Technologies supports over 40 million head of livestock annually throughout our products and services.

Viewtrak was recently awarded as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies by Profit 100.

Product Lines

  • Farmers & Ranchers

    A web-based software system designed by Viewtrak Technologies for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

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    Market Focus

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