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For on-time, profitable jobs these days it is essential to have a powerful project management tool to facilitate all the complex work activities that occur simultaneously. Vista Project Management is easy-to-use, reflects real world construction workflow and processes, and is integrated with Vista Accounting – improving operational efficiencies, streamlining processes, and eliminating double entry leading to more profitable projects as follows:

Project Management offers

Project Information at your Fingertips – With Work Centers, a centralized hub, Project Managers are able to view, analyze and make decisions with critical data such as forecast cost to complete, budget overruns, unapproved change requests, unanswered RFIs, overdue submittals, and revised specifications.

  • Complete Document Tracking – Track submittals, RFI’s, transmittals, daily logs, project meetings, punch lists, and other project documents. Manage important documents including change orders, subcontracts, and PO’s.
  • Streamlined Workflow – Automatically query other Vista modules for information regarding subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, materials crews, equipment, personnel, and phases. The PM Import programs allow you to upload estimating data into Project Management from a variety of third party estimating software packages.


  • Easy access to key information immediately
  • Fast information for project managers to ensure projects stay profitable
  • Reduce profit fade by staying ahead of scope changes and cost impacts
  • Seamless integration with accounting for efficient information flow
  • Simplified workflows for processing change orders, subcontracts, and PO’s
  • Reduce time spent searching and retrieving documents
  • Reduce project communication turnaround time

Following are the features of Project Management providing the tools for businesses to simplify workflows, manage costs, and stay profitable

Work Centers – Information at a Glance

  • Track and log critical information, perform tasks, view related records, send email, and include attachments associated with projects in one central location
  • Navigate PM records by project, view document logs, launch, edit, and perform related tasks off returned data sets.
  • Tailor workflows and easily organize tasks with intuitive information presentations
  • View, analyze, and make decisions with up-to-date data such as forecast cost to complete, budget overruns, unapproved change requests, unanswered RFIs, and overdue submittals
  • View user-defined PM items that need attention; e.g., submittals that are coming due
  • Launch related tasks directly from another Project Management task; e.g., create a Pending Change Order (PCO) from an Issue or Punch list and have the relevant information subsequently pre-filled

Effective Project Management

  • Edit or modify imported data such as estimates, contracts for billing, and commitments as needed prior to releasing to Accounting
  • Automatically update Accounting and Job Cost with project subcontracts, PO’s, contracts, and change orders approved in Project Management
  • React to changes in scope, assess impact to costs, and automatically send change orders to subcontractors or owners for review

Fast and Secure Document Tracking

  • Track all documents including submittals, RFI’s, daily logs, project meetings, punch lists, etc. Securely store all types of construction documents, data, updates, and information
  • Drag and drop emails, pictures, and more into project files
  • Retrieve and view documents when needed with Vista’s simple Thumbnail Viewer
  • Manage and index all emails by specific project, RFI, etc.
  • Send Outlook email and multiple attachments into the Vista document repository with a single button. No need to launch Vista – freeing up a user license

Other Applications

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"Project Management" is part of the Vista by Viewpoint (formerly Viewpoint V6) line of products, developed by Viewpoint Construction Software.

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