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Easily manage, access, and share large quantities of documents, such as drawings, specification, schedules, contracts, daily logs, and mission critical reports. With comprehensive document management, you can ensure consistent processes, keeping tasks on schedule, and gain more control of your projects.

Effectively manage site progress by easily creating a photograph library. The integrated viewing feature keeps it simple to distribute drawings to your project team and review documents with the redline and mark up tools. Plus, use the workflow engine to automate and control the review and approval process for drawings, submittals, change orders, and other construction documents.

Benefits Include

  • Simple and easy software that project teams will understand
  • Collaborate effectively on documents with disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers
  • Maintain all documents and communication in one secure location
  • Control and manage the flow of information
  • Easily view and redline/mark-up documents
  • Conveniently track and manage the update of documents with revision control
  • Quickly upload and download documents without having to log into the system
  • Effortlessly create libraries with access to the very latest documents
  • Capture and control drawings that make up an essential part of any O&M file
  • Ensure everyone is working on ‘one version of the truth’
  • Maintain a clear audit trail and ensure compliance
  • Deliver projects with greater transparency and efficiency for the entire project team

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"Document Control" is part of the Viewpoint for Projects line of products, developed by Viewpoint Construction Software.

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