Is Corporate Budgeting Software MSAccess and Excel Based right for your business?

Corporate Budgeting Software MSAccess and Excel Based is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Corporate Budgeting Software MSAccess and Excel Based demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Corporate Budgeting Software MSAccess and Excel Based with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Payment due ONLY after being fully satisfied! A Comprehensive Corporate Multi-User Budgeting Application - Client-Server Application Utilizing Microsoft Office’s Access (We provide the runtime license.)

Functional Evaluation Version & Manuals!

  • Multi User Client-Server or Single User application, User Access restrictions at Cost Center Levels
  • Multi Company with multi affiliated companies tracking
  • Multi Budget Phase (ex: Budget Initial, In-year Budget, Forecast Budget, 2nd Year Forecast from 2001 base, Initial Revenue, Actual Expenditures, Revenues …)
  • Multi User Task Management, Ex: For Manager to Cost Center User budget task assignments, multi level approval budgeting controls (via submission number controls)
  • Tracks Currency amounts and personnel numbers for expenditures, revenues, budgets by single amounts or 12 month or 13 period spreads.
  • Infinite Organizational Cost Center Levels capability (i.e. Company, Division, Section, Branch, Responsibility Center … etc)
  • What-If and Scenario automatic generation of budget transactions by User Selection Criteria on Account, Sub-Account, Modification Items, Modification Groupings, Project, Function and Cost Center Parents into playground budget submissions
  • Cost Center User authorizations/security and Access Levels
  • Production vs Playground Budgeting transaction controls. Detail Transactions and 12 Month or 13 Period breakdowns/spreads. Submit scenarios edit checks
  • Easy promotion to next year’s budget tools.
  • Archiving of Production Numbers/Versions
  • Production Transaction Changes Tracking
  • Extensive Organizational Roll-up Reports by Project, Function, Modification Groups, User Submissions, etc
  • Document Catalogue handling for budget information background (ex: viewing of scanned documents, Word documents, and other types of notes)
  • With Microsoft Access, you can add your own extra reports and forms extensions!
  • Easy exports and imports scenarios/What-ifs to Excel and other spreadsheet formats for later promotion to budget production
  • Pie and Bar Charts summarizing Cost Center Accounts
  • All Reports can be exported as HTML for Web access.
  • (Custom) Web budget updates capability… and much more

Application Structure - Client - Server (Microsoft Access Client Application with MS Access Database)

Multi User Control - Password Encryption , Cost Centre Level Access Settings, Multi Level Access Control

Database Tables - 43 MS Access Relational Database Tables, Compatible to any ODBC compliant SQL

Reports - Over 25 Reports, Ad Hoc and filtering options

Input Forms - Over 160 Forms and Sub-Forms


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"Corporate Budgeting and Multi-Account Ledger Tracking Application" is part of the Corporate Budgeting Software MSAccess and Excel Based line of products, developed by Victor Pierobon Consultants.