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Allows for a Quality technician or supervisor to review and enter QC test results for a given batch as well as print a Certificate of Analysis based upon those results. Each QC test can be controlled to print on a COA or to be withheld. By using Crystal reports the user can alter the COA layout to meet even the most demanding requirements.

All QC tests can have a numeric, alpha-numeric or yes/no result as well as being tracked as an external test or one being performed by your QC lab.

Vicinity allows the QC department to track trends in production batches by reviewing key QC tests giving clues to changes that may be needed. This functionality takes the QC function from one of reporting results to analyzing results - saving you time and money in future production.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Quality Control:

"Quality Control" is part of the Vicinity - Process Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Vicinity Manufacturing.