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Vicinity is written on a .NET platform. This allows for the controlled interaction from one system to another without additional human intervention.

Examples of external users are as follows

Control Devices - when raw materials are dispensed into a mixing tank the control device can simultaneously record material usage to Vicinity and in turn Vicinity can update Great Plains or Solomon inventory quantities.

Bar coding system - when finished goods are produced they can be scanned into inventory. This transaction can be sent to Vicinity to update the batch ticket as well as the underlying Great Plains or Solomon inventory.

Requests for COA - remote users can request COA data from your system (if authorized). This allows your customers to increase meaningful interaction with your organization.

There are countless other examples being discussed and generated everyday. The only limitation is in the creative ideas on how Vicinity and .Net can bring companies closer - working as one.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with External Access:

"External Access" is part of the Vicinity - Process Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Vicinity Manufacturing.