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VIANSOFT Church Contribution System

A multi‑module management system designed by Vian Corporation for associations and non‑profit organizations.
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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

The Church Contribution System is an easy-to-use Windows program designed to record contributions, member participation in activities and membership records for small and large congregations, ministries and non-profit organizations. When you set up the Contribution System, you only need to enter membership information for the reports you want to generate. For example, if you only want to record contributions to print contribution statements and receipts, all you need to enter for each contributor are the categories to which members contribute and the names of the contributors.

If some or all of contributors use numbered envelopes, you can assign numbers only to those contributors that require numbers. Envelope numbers or account numbers are optional.

That’s all the information required during initial set up to begin recording contributions, print Contribution Statements and print Contribution Receipts. To also take advantage of the extensive membership and reporting capabilities of the program, you can record yearly and long term pledges, family member personal information, lists of members who are involved in activities, record participation (used to track attendance) and user-defined mailing lists. A Tutorial takes you step-by-step through the basic operation of the program. You will see how easy it is to complete tasks such as enter contributions, generate contribution entry and statement reports, and add new members to the system. You will also be able to generate other reports and try many program options using the Tutorial data.

Set up the system in Trial Mode and use it for 90 days from the date of program installation (within the same calendar year) with your church, ministry or non-profit organization information. If you decide to register the software, you will not have to reenter the information you entered during the trial period.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy entry, edit and delete of contributions. The program automatically keeps an audit trail. Deleted contribution entries are not included on reports generated to give to contributors.
  • Entry of a contribution for a contributor with a recorded pledge shows the pledged-to contribution categories and amounts for the pledge in effect on the entry date. You can easily modify the displayed information to reflect the current contribution, if necessary, before recording the contribution.
  • Entry of a contribution for a non-pledging contributor can show the contribution categories and amounts for the previously recorded contribution or a blank form. You can easily enter or modify the displayed information to reflect the current contribution before recording the contribution.
  • The program can handle both contributors who are assigned envelope or account numbers and contributors who are not assigned envelope or account numbers.
  • A contribution received in the current year can be applied to the giving unit’s pledge for the following year.
  • Non-monetary contributions can be recorded.
  • Pledging contributors can change their pledge during the year to a new pledge amount and/or categories or to non-pledge status. The Pledge Report shows the total pledge amount for a single contribution and for the entire year (even if there have been changes made to the pledge during the year) for each pledging giving unit.
  • Family members in the same household can contribute through separate giving units and still be associated with their family group. Family members, such as children, can contribute through their own giving units.
  • Generated reports are displayed on the monitor screen for review. There are many options you can select for a displayed report (resize, page in both directions, jump to a specific page, save the report to a file, print the report (any range of pages)). On appropriate reports, mailing labels can be generated for the people included on the report.
  • Create user-defined mailing lists of giving units or individuals to generate mailing labels. Mailing labels can be generated with many different options right before printing to include: Envelope number, USA Zip+4 Delivery Point Barcodes (DPBC), all upper case letters with no periods or commas (US Postal Service recommendation), print in Zip/Postal code or report order, specify where the first label will be printed on the sheet. Basic mailing label information can be exported to an ASCII file for use as a data source in word processor mail merge or spreadsheet documents.
  • Create Participation Lists (can be used to record attendance). Lists can include participation for all individuals or individuals assigned to a specific activity. Lists can be set up to record individual participation (by name) or the total number count for a specified date.
  • The Contribution Statement and Contribution Receipt user-defined messages allow customized messages to 1 page in length.
  • Print a contribution receipt as part of the contribution entry process or print receipts for contributors for a range of dates as well as for the contribution categories you specify. Receipts can include Canadian tax information (allows a Registration Number up to 25 characters).
  • Easy reassigning of envelope numbers. The program can automatically reassign envelope numbers to giving units currently assigned envelope numbers. The envelope numbers are reassigned in ascending numerical order to the giving units in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Enter pledges for the following year during the current year and generate a Pledge Report showing pledge totals for the following year.
  • An automated end-of-year routine automatically “archives” the current data in a different folder and sets up the data in the working folder for the new year. You will have access to the information in archive folders for future reference of previous years’ information.
  • Using the program’s Export feature, you can create tab delimited or comma-quotes delimited ASCII text files of the data for use in a spreadsheet, word processor or database.
  • If you use a financial software program that can import QIF files (such as the VIANSOFT® Church Treasurer for Windows, Quicken or Microsoft Money), you can create a QIF file to import the deposit totals to your financial software.
  • Access level passwords (maximum of five) can be set in the program to discourage the casual viewing of contribution information by unauthorized people. Access Level 1 allows full access to the program and administrative functions. Access Level 2 through 5 allows access to varied functions and reports based on the access level.
  • The Contribution System for Windows can be used by multiple users on a network.
  • Set a maximum of 1000 contribution categories (giving areas) (Examples: Local Church Expense, Benevolence, Improvement, Flowers, Organ Fund).
  • Set a maximum of 1000 committees, organizations, groups, or activities (Examples: Church Council, Finance Committee, Adult Choir, Altar Guild, Ushers, Worship Assistants, Trip to St. John’s Church, etc.).
  • A comprehensive Contribution Reference help system provides answers to questions regarding the set up and specific use of the program.
  • A comprehensive Context Help system provides quick answers about the use of a displayed program input window. The keyboard key or the Help button on the displayed program window accesses the Context Help system.
  • An excellent Tutorial is provided to teach you the basic operation of the program. After you complete the tutorial, you can generate other reports and explore other options of the program using the Tutorial data.
  • Registered users of the MS-DOS version 3.00 or later of the Church Contribution System who switch to the Windows version of the Church Contribution System will be able to convert their MS-DOS data to the new Windows format without additional charge.
  • Incremental updates for the Contribution System (Release 2) for Windows can be downloaded free for Contribution System (Release 2) for Windows registered users from our web site until the next major release.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

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