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VerticaLive was formed in 2008 by a group of successful technology entrepreneurs who saw a need for a cloud accounting and ERP product that could be extended by ISV’s to create vertical solutions quickly and easily.

As the name VerticaLive implies, the most profound difference between VerticaLive and its competitors is that VerticaLive was built from the ground-up to enable rapid development and deployment of industry-specific cloud ERP solutions. By partnering with VerticaLive, any entrepreneur or software company can quickly build vertical market features on top of a proven, full strength accounting system, to yield a fully integrated end-to-end solution for a specific customer or industry. The partner uses his domain knowledge to create the industry-specific functionality, while VerticaLive maintains the robust accounting, the technical platform, and all of the SaaS provisioning and maintenance infrastructure necessary to run a true, multi-tenant product.

In 2013, VerticaLive acquired Advanced Software Development, whose UA Business Software is in use by over 4,000 customers globally, and supported by hundreds of partners. For nearly two decades, UA Business Software Resellers implemented and extended UA Business Software for industry-specific purposes. The UA community of users and partners forms the nucleus of a growing ecosystem for VerticaLive. As these customers seek to move their ERP implementations to the cloud, and as UA partners seek to create cloud businesses, VerticaLive provides a natural migration path.

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