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Vertical Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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Vertical Solutions provides complete accounting solutions for companies requiring integrated Work Order, Job and Project tracking. As a developer and reseller we offer both pure Microsoft or Linux/Unix solutions to clients in over 40 industries.

Beyond the base accounting application we offer Work Order Processing, Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance, Purchase Order Interface, Dispatch WO Manager, Contracts & Job Tracking and Professional Time Manager. In addition to the Open Systems Accounting Software we offer a Point of Sale module (QuikSale), Behind the Scenes for attending reporting, backups and posting processes as well as our Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse for OSAS for data reporting.

In addition to our 3rd party add on products for Open Systems Accounting Software we also provide Traverse Accounting Software from OSI which provides a pure Microsoft solution. Complete services including installation, training, support and custom programing are available on all products.

Product Lines

  • Work Order Plus

    A work order management system designed by Vertical Solutions.

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