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Efficiently manage exemption processes with Vertex SMB.

Set effective date and expiration dates * Control dates with the ease of automation * Stay compliant

Manage exemptions in your ERP system * Send exempt sales directly to Vertex SMB. No need to enter information twice * Classify and organize exempt sales for reporting on tax returns * Simplify exemptions by classifying customers or customer categories in your ERP system and Vertex SMB

Manage customer exemptions within Vertex SMB * Control who has the ability to exempt customers * Create effective dates and expiration dates for customers * Set up and control customer exemptions by jurisdiction * Use standardized reports to manage and track expiring certificates

Outsource Exemption Certificate Management to Vertex SMB * Gain the advantages of a fully customized solution * Get ongoing collection, validation, and scanning of customer certificates * Access certificates with convenient electronic storage vRenew and update expiring certificates

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"Exemption Certificate Management" is part of the Vertex SMB line of products, developed by Vertex.

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