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Pathway ProductivityTrac allows you to easily handle all of the tasks that make up a piece and hourly rate subminimum payroll system.

ProductivityTrac handles all productivity calculations, DOL reporting, job labor costing, benefit tracking, NISH reporting, and gross earning calculations. Hours and earnings are sent to Pathway Navision Payroll, your current payroll system or an outside payroll bureau, which then calculates deductions and tax withholding, creates payroll and tax reports, and processes direct deposit or prints checks.

Daily time is sent to Job Manager to use for labor cost analysis. Hours and earnings sent to Payroll are also credited against jobs to track actual labor costs.


  • Easy data entry: All time for the entire week can be entered on one screen using only the 10-key pad on your keyboard.
  • Remote time entry: Using Pathway e-Timecard and a pocket PC, supervisors can enter time and pieces while roaming the production floor.
  • Consumers and contract workers: Time can be entered for both consumer employees and contract workers for the same job.
  • Multiple rates: You can track multiple prevailing wage rates, productivity rates, and employee wage rates using start and stop dates. This allows you to process rate changes before they are needed.
  • Productivity rates: Employee productivity rates are calculated as a by-product of recording time and pieces.
  • Overtime: Overtime can be calculated as commensurate rate for the job or average rate for all jobs for the day or week. Overtime premiums are charged directly to the applicable job.
  • Benefits: Sick and vacation benefits can be automatically accrued by annual anniversary, percent of time worked or flat amount per pay period.
  • No down time: Multiple staff members can add records at the same time and time records for the current period can be added while another payroll is processing.

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"ProductivityTrac" is part of the Sales, Job Managment, and Inventory line of products, developed by Vertex Systems.

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