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Human Resources maintains a complete information file for each employee, including personal information about the employee and various administrative status codes.

Each employee’s file includes a table of qualifications that you can assign form a user-defined table of qualification codes. These can include educational credentials, continuing education certificates and professional certifications.

You can also track equipment issued to employees, such as keys, credit cards, company cars, portable computers, cellular phones, and pagers. There is a place to attach a scanned photograph a method to track alternate addresses.

Separate Record of Confidential Information: Confidential information for an employee is tracked in a separate table. This lets you give relatively broad access to the basic employee file information, while placing tighter security restrictions on confidential information. Confidential information can include salary, insurance coverage, stock options, and computer access codes.

Absence Tracking: Absence Tracking uses user-defined absence codes, along with statistical, department and project codes, to create a multi-dimensional report of absence history. This report helps you identify and stop negative trends.

Documented Records: Comment sheets are available so that all aspects of the personnel file can be properly documented. Comments can be attached to all employee records including absences, qualifications, equipment issuance, and confidential information.

Reporting: Human Resources includes reports that list and analyze your records, including employee lists, birthday lists, labels, absences by employee, absences by reason, and various statistical reports.

Advanced HR: Advanced HR includes tools for position management, recruiting, and applicant management.

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