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Sales, Job Managment, and Inventory

A inventory application designed by Vertex Systems for health care & social services and non‑profit organizations.
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In order to be profitable, a sheltered workshop, like other businesses, must control costs and know their profit. Sales, Job Management, and Inventory applications give you the tools you need to manage your jobs and monitor inventory.

The Vertex Job Manager tracks costs for every aspect of the job - labor, materials, machine time and overhead. It can be used for both product and service jobs. The system supports a multi level bill of material, tracks consigned, raw materials work-in-process and finished goods inventories.

Job Manager and Inventory gives you tools to create jobs, manage production, track inventory quantities and costs, and track overhead and indirect costs. You will have the information you need to give your customers immediate updates about whether you have the materials on hand to start a job, how the job is progressing, and how much a job will cost.

Job Manager and Inventory are part of Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision, so they are fully integrated with Navision Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, A/P, Payroll, and General Ledger. Job Manager is seamlessly integrated with Pathway ProductivityTrac, giving you a complete solution to manage both job costs and hourly and piece rate payroll while knowing actual labor by job and job step as compared to budget or your bid.

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