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Pathway Case Management is a powerful database that lets you store unlimited consumer information, report consumer demographics, and create individual service plans. It covers all aspects of consumer tracking, including enrollment, discharges, individual progress, services authorizations, case notes, and service delivery.

The Program Manager component gives an agency view of services and programs. Managers and executives can use this granule to report on agency-level outcomes and monitor how successful your services and programs are at helping consumers reach their goals.

Case Management is easy to learn and navigate. As the central point of entry for most case managers and DSP, we have taken great pains to make it easy to both record and retrieve information. Special features include:

  • Subjects that categorize data: Each subject has an overview and a detail view of individual records. Filtering and sorting are available to show different views of the same information: You can use filtering and sorting to see only consumers who live in a certain area, or to find consumers who do not have a ZIP Code. You can use it to see an overview of the consumers goals, or just the objectives that pertain to a single goal.
  • Workflows for data entry: Customizable workflows let users enter data in an easy-to-understand, linear process. You select the information to include and the order in which it appears. Workflows make common tasks, like intake, easy, even for new staff.
  • Easy-to-create ISPs: Consumer demographics, goals, needs, services provided, reviews, and progress can all be incorporated into an individual consumer progress plan or service plan. Vertex will help you create templates to format your printed plans. Once the templates are in place, any authorized user can quickly print a plan document.
  • Single screen to enter notes and time: Case notes, service notes, and service delivery time are all entered in one screen. When a note is entered, it can be linked to one or more services and a consumer goal or objective. Time for multiple services can be linked to single note, and the system can suggest services based on the type of note. (For example, when a home visit note is recorded, the system can prompt the user to enter time for driving time and case management.) Notes can be entered for a group of consumers when tracking time for group activities.
  • Service time drives billing: The service delivery time entered in Case Management can be exported as billing information for your billing system. It is not necessary for service providers to maintain a separate billing sheet.

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