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The integrated structure of Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision transforms Accounts Receivable into customer management with the ability to automate every aspect of your customer relationship. Accounts Receivable provides customer aging, sales statistics and other summary and detail reporting on customers.

The standard Navision Accounts Sales & Receivables granules include Basic Receivables, Sales Invoicing, Sales Invoice Discounts and Sales Tax.

Basic Receivables: Basic Receivables lets you keep detailed records for receivables based on a customer table and a customer ledger. Basic Receivables also provides customer aging, sales statistics and summary, and detail reporting on customers.

Sales Invoicing: Sales Invoicing (also know as Customer Invoicing) provides automated functions to record sales invoices and credit memos. Sales can be credited directly to inventory or jobs.

Invoices and credit memos can be printed on plain paper or on pre-printed Navision forms. The system stores all details of posted invoices and credit memos.

Invoicing is integrated with General Ledger and, if applicable, with Inventory and Jobs.

Sales Tax: Sales Tax handles all aspects of U.S. sales tax for both sales and purchases. You can collect sales tax for an unlimited number of jurisdictions per transaction so you can handle federal, state, county or parish, city or any other tax jurisdiction.

Sales Invoice Discounts: Sales Invoice Discounts allow you to assign a discount to the total dollar amount of an invoice. This discount rate can be based n the amount of the invoice and you can set up as many discount levels as you need. This functionality also provides the ability to define tiered levels of service charges.

Customer/Item Discounts: Customer/Item Discounts lets you set up discounts for specific combinations of customers and inventory items.

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