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General Ledger is the central functional area in Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision. It is totally integrated with all other functional areas. General Ledger lets you produce financial statements, such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow, that follow FASB95 standards.

Throughout Navision dimensions can be used to indicate the profit center for financial reporting. Within the general ledger, these profit center dimensions can be combined on screen or in reports to provide summarized information or a side-by-side comparison of profit centers.

The standard Navision General Ledger module includes Basic General Ledger, Budgets, Account Schedules, Allocations and Departments and Projects.

Basic General Ledger: Basic General Ledger provides the basic accounting functionality for the Navision accounting system. It includes the Chart of Accounts and the General Journal to enter and post general ledger transactions. It enables you to print detailed and summary trial balances as well as a number of other fundamental reports.

Budgets: This feature lets you assign budget transactions to each general ledger account in the chart of accounts. For each account you can assign budgets on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis or by user-defined accounting period. Budgets can be created on a departmental basis. There is no limit to the number of budgets you can create.

Budgets can be created for any number of years into the future. Alternative budgets and revisions of budgets are included. Where applicable, general ledger reports and query screens include budget numbers for comparisons.

Account Schedules: Account Schedules give you the ability to design custom financial statements, including user-defined row and column layouts. It allows you to dynamically view the information screen with full drill-down and OLAP functionality.

Allocations: Allocations lets you allocate recurring transactions to different general ledger accounts, departments and projects. You can distribute allocations based on percentages, usage or by specific amounts. You can use allocation transactions in the sales and purchases journals.

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