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VersAccounts allows inventory stored at any number of warehouses to be tracked from a single view. At a glance, users can see quantities on open sales order, on outstanding purchase orders, quantities in-transit between facilities and quantities requested by other facilities.

Warehouses themselves can be subdivided into storage areas. Container identifiers can be specified for inventoried items. And multiple shipping addresses can be defined for a single warehouse – this would be used, for instance, if a warehouse received goods by rail as well as by truck.

As an option, sales orders can be designated to be filled from a specific warehouse or from any warehouse, which greatly increases a firm’s ability to file open orders. And shipments from any number of warehouses can be combined onto a single invoice.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Multiple Warehouses:

"Multiple Warehouses" is part of the VersAccounts Cloud ERP line of products, developed by VersAccounts.