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Verian gives you the power to manage budgets in real time by tacking all purchases and requests against the budgets you set up in the system. That means as soon as an order goes into Verian; it goes against your budget.

This enables you to manage your spending against planning by:

  • Defining cap amounts
  • Tracking purchases, invoices, and expenses against budgets
  • Setting notifications on budget status to tell you when you’ve reached a certain percentage
  • Triggering additional approval for transactions against budgets once certain usage percentages are hit
  • Reserving portions of your budgets for tax, freight, or other expected charges
  • Deducting from budgets by receipt of units of pre-negotiated contract amounts or invoice dollar amounts

When you track your budgets in real time, you are far less likely to overspend. You can also know if purchases are being allocated to the wrong budgets and address the issue directly. And, along the way you collect important data that enables you to

  • Plan future spending more effectively
  • Track project-based spending
  • Prevent the “unexpected invoice” that puts you in the red

Don’t you need to know where you are tracking to budget before you approve items to be purchased? Now you can – anytime.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Verian Budget Tracking:

"Verian Budget Tracking" is part of the The Verian Suite line of products, developed by Verian Technologies.