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Vantage POS

A developer of business management software.

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Vantage POS Software a division of Circle Graphics, is a company dedicated to being the best at providing unique and innovative solutions in an industry full of top achievers.


Vantage Point of Sale (POS) Software was started in 2005 as a subsidiary of Circle Graphics and Design Inc. with a focus toward the golf industry as part of a suite of golf business management software products. Subsequently the success of Vantage POS and client demand, the software was modified for use in most retail and restaurant operations.

Incorporated in 1994, Circle Graphics & Design Inc. was focused primarily on print advertising. The Internet although in its infancy, provided a new dynamic platform for Circle to learn and grow. We immersed ourselves into new media technology and have received much acclaim for our award winning web sites. Circle is highly respected by its peers within the global digital community for its exciting versatile design and innovation in software application development. Notable client projects have been featured in Rolling Stone and Time magazines.

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