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Image Clerk is the PC based image processing component of IMS/21.

It provides the following functions

Smart Panels - (Making “Point and Shoot“ obsolete)

IMS/21’s ”Smart Panel“ definition allows users to implement the systems quickly, without programming, and link vital documents to any AS/400 application.


IMS/21 users can overlay graphical annotations to image which include highlights, redactions, freehand graphics and text. ( These annotations do not alter the original document, which is permanently stored on optical disk.)

In addition, AS/400 spool files are frequently printed on pre-printed forms such as invoices, checks, and statements. IMS/21 can store a copy of this pre-printed form as a single graphic image and then display it as an overlay with the spool file information. The result is an image that looks like the finished product.

Notes Function-

When viewing a document user can generate notes from any PC or dumb terminal— to be stored in the IMS/21 database as text data, allowing all users to view them.

Multiple Image Display-

For multi-page documents, IMS/21 lets you page backwards and forwards with a simple click of the mouse. Users can also Display multiple documents at one time on their PC for comparison purposes.

Batch Scanning/Indexing-

IMS/21 allows you to scan and index large batches of documents quickly and efficiently using the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) on the scanner. A number if indexing options are available, including Auto Indexing, which uses a barcode to identify the indexing key, or OCR engine to translate portions if an image into data to be used to identify the indexing key.

Fax Links-

IMS/21’s Fax Link Facility lets you access and display incoming faxes that originate from a variety of PC— or AS/400 attached fax systems. These documents can then be easily shared between branch offices or departments without the need for multiple reprints or postage.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Image Clerk:

"Image Clerk" is part of the IMS/21 line of products, developed by Vanguard Systems.

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