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Van Someren Enterprises

A developer of business management software.

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Van Someren™ has been ‘in business’ since the early 1980’s. Since that time, it has primarily served large organizations, businesses and government agencies.

Van Someren™ does not force itself into the limelight. They serve their clients according to the motto: “Quality, Integrity & Discretion.” In keeping with this, they’d rather whisper their advice into their client’s ear instead of making their opinions public. Renowned consulting firms use their services for complex matters. But whom they work for now and whom they have worked for in the past is a matter between their clients and them, and no matter how common it may be, they have never breached this discretionary rule to promote sales.

Based upon their knowledge of what ‘really works’ in organizational processes, and according to the motto as mentioned above, Van Someren™ has been making integrated business software solutions since the early 1980’s.

Their goal: Focus on the essence of Organizational Processes and support them by ‘simple’ Information Technology, where ‘simple’ is meant as being:

  • Self-explanatory. Easy to use (without the requirement of extensive courses and studies)
  • Easy to Implement. (Installation, user-authorization and data-entry and -conversion should need little expertise and take little time)
  • Require low Maintenance. (It should only take a fraction of the time and money that is spent on other systems supporting the same business processes)

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