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UXC Eclipse

A developer of business management software.

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UXC Eclipse, a nationally recognized Microsoft solutions provider, focuses on improving business performance by providing distinctive products and leading-edge services to its clients. UXC Eclipse is consistently recognized for its excellent ability to deliver, among others, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, financial, procurement and service solutions to customers across the USA.

Specializing in Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Core Technologies and software development, UXC Eclipse is honored as Microsoft Business Solutions’ US Partner of the Year, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for E-Commerce and Collaborative Solutions, an Existing Customer Excellence awardee as well as a Manufacturing Excellence awardee. In addition, UXC Eclipse has been successful in fusing more than 600 customer relationships, spanning multiple industry sectors, while maintaining its award-winning reputation for demonstrating commitment to both employee and customer excellence.

UXC Eclipse’s integrated suite of consulting services are structured to help clients efficiently: analyze the entire value chain and the current capabilities within your organization; develop, deploy and manage complex technology and business relationship infrastructures; and implement strategic solutions that create the technical infrastructure as well as help employees, business partners and customers interact more efficiently. UXC Eclipse has many years of proven expertise in the following services:

Strategy & Process Services

  • Business Assessment
  • Performance Improvement
  • Decision and Risk Analysis
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Requirements Definition
  • Systems Engineering
  • Study and Analysis

System & Application Services

  • Software Selection
  • Solution and Software Design
  • Solution and Software Development
  • Solution Deployment

Infrastructure Services

  • Architecture Design
  • Architecture Development
  • Architecture Deployment
  • Web Integration

UXC Eclipse also offers end-to-end business solutions that enable organizations to obtain accessibility, manageability, efficiency, scalability and ease of integration within their business environments. In addition, UXC Eclipse often uses leading-edge technology, such as Microsoft .NET, to solve some of today’s most pressing business problems. Regardless of your organization’s specific business needs, the integrated portfolio of solutions delivered by UXC Eclipse can effectively be designed to work together to address them.

With its well-defined vision and top talent that holds “total business capability” expertise coupled with its ability to assist customers in gaining top value and performance for their businesses. UXC Eclipse is a partner that truly stands alone.

Product Lines

  • ReQlogic

    A web-based requisitions system designed by UXC Eclipse.

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