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UserBase Systems

A developer of business management software.

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UserBase Systems Inc. is a software sales, maintenance and development company specializing in automated accounting systems. Through both the development of our own products and the distribution of other leading packages, we offer full turnkey accounting and billing solutions for the Construction, Aggregate, Property Management, and Club Management Industries.

Our accounting solutions are different from most ‘run of the mill’ packages in that they are tailored specifically for our target industries. Each industry has special requirements and our products are designed from the ground up to address these needs. While each module is fully integrated with a common core accounting package, the special features of each industry specific module are what provide the tremendous productivity and planning tools that put our clients a cut above their competition.

Product Lines

  • Geac

    A software system designed by UserBase Systems for construction companies.

    0 reviews
    • Maestro

      A software system designed by UserBase Systems for construction and manufacturing companies.

      0 reviews
      • WinTik

        A software system designed by UserBase Systems.

        0 reviews

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