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It is essential to provide reporting and BI capabilities that match the needs and technology preferences of the many types of users in your organization.

Coda Financials provides both the vital robust, flexible information model and a full array of reporting and business intelligence (BI) tools to help all your different users report on, model and analyze your business – in the ways that they need.

Browse – real-time visibility

The browse tool provides powerful reporting and data mining capabilities, including our world-famous, real-time drill down. Because of the single financial model, users can browse from high level balances down to original source documents without passing through nonsensical summary entries and without missing any transactions due to batch integrations, module updates or balance roll-up routines. For instance, cash balances instantly reflect activity as checks are cut in A/P and cash is received in A/R.

With Coda Financials, you always know your cash position – up to the minute and down to the penny.

Selectors – report integrity and reduced maintenance

Within the Browse functions of Coda Financials, ‘Selector’ tools give complete central control over:

  • which data is used
  • how it is stored
  • who has access to which areas.

But the Selector is not just limited to Browse. It can be reused in other reporting tools including Microsoft® Excel® via Coda XL. This provides a one-to-many point of maintenance for all reports using a particular Selector. The Selector simplifies report maintenance and ensures a single version of the truth. This, coupled with the flexibility of the Coda Financials ‘Presenter’ tools, enables individual users to generate customized views of highly summarized data or to drill down to source documents, attachments and images.

Finance portal – controlled, personalized information and tools

With Coda Financials, you can create a “finance portal” that delivers a sensible balance of central control and individual choice, which improves the way a user accesses and interacts with key information. The portal also enables users to decide what programs, functions and other information they can have constantly available on their desktop. This can range from selecting and customizing the Coda Financials product functions that they use, to choosing exactly which types of content – such as: key performance indicators (KPIs), reporting functions, tools, web pages and other useful information – to keep at their fingertips. So, the portal for a CFO can display content quite different to that of a line manager or accounting clerk.

Business Intelligence solutions

There are times when simply viewing or outputting data does not shed enough light on the true state of affairs. Coda can help you move on from what the situation is, to understanding the underlying trends and reasons why.

Our business intelligence (BI) applications capitalize on the latest Microsoft® technologies to offer powerful solutions that can be tailored and deployed to suit the scale and complexity of your organization’s BI or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) needs.

  • Bringing together a broader range of business data for analysis - Our Intelligence solution provides a sophisticated analytic framework and database optimized for in-depth, high-volume, offline analysis of financial and other key business data from across the organization. It takes the risk, complexity and delays out of getting an effective datamart solution in place and in action.
  • Flexible, straightforward multi-dimensional analysis - Analytic Explorer is a user-friendly but powerful analysis tool that lets you extract key data directly from Financials or from your offline datamart (for example our Intelligence solution) and to analyze and model the figures. It enables users to quickly build multi-dimensional analysis “cubes” of data relevant to their business area and then view and manipulate the results via Microsoft® Excel®.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reports and Multidimensional Analysis:

"Reports and Multidimensional Analysis" is part of the UNIT4 Coda Financials line of products, developed by UNIT4 Business Software.

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