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Group Consolidation

  • Users are guided through consolidation as a step-by-step process flow
  • Consolidation levels are fully integrated and “in sync” – changes instantly roll up into the higher levels and are also available for drill-down from above
  • Ability to create group accounts for associated companies
  • Ability to make group adjustments using multiple dimensions, with drill-down analysis
  • Processing of inter-company accounts with multiple dimensions
  • Help with the identification and elimination of inter-company positions
  • Automatic foreign exchange conversion, based on current or temporal method
  • Automatic calculation of unrestricted equity on consolidation
  • Allocation facilities enable shared costs to be divided up between companies
  • Users can make group adjustments with commentary and audit trail
  • Ability to cater for complex ownership positions such as Minority Interests and Associated Companies
  • Easy management of re-organizations, acquisitions, re-forecasts and structural changes

Performance Reporting

  • Reporting and consolidation of actual, budgeted, and forecast figures; unlimited versions of measures
  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • Status reports for monitoring the closing process
  • Shared reports – reports can be stored centrally, for each user to access and adapt as required
  • Relational OLAP – integrated in CODA Financials – provides users with unique reporting options
  • Add-in modules: Balanced Scorecard, EVA, * Ranking Analysis, Key Business Ratios, Benchmarking, “What if” analysis and other “CPM” metrics
  • Built-in Report Viewer enables users to retrieve and analyze data by applying or adapting existing reports that have been set up centrally. These reports can take the form of either tables or charts and can be printed out and/or exported to Microsoft® Excel®
  • With Ad Hoc Reporting, data within the solution can be displayed and analyzed using familiar Microsoft® Excel® tools – delivering flexible reporting on transparent, accurate data but without the weaknesses of spreadsheet analysis
  • In addition, a range of optional add-in components are available for advanced modeling and analysis, to meet even the most sophisticated corporate performance management (CPM) requirements.

Cash Management

  • With the click of a button, the Intercompany Netting module can usually eliminate more than 90% of all intercompany payments – reducing the number of transactions to a minimum, together with the associated transfer costs, such as transaction fees and bank float.
  • Enables easy and efficient forecasting and posting of cash-flows in individual currencies – both for the parent company and for individual subsidiaries – down to week- or day-levels.

Integration and Input

  • All Consolidation modules work seamlessly with each other and deliver fast and simple integration with finance systems, ERP systems, CRM systems and other data sources
  • The standard import module also supports XML files, for added flexibility
  • Data-entry forms can be quickly and easily designed using familiar Microsoft® Excel® tools and conventions.

Technical Features

  • Optimized for rapid implementation and efficient software upgrades
  • The “Explorer” provides a simple browser-type interface
  • Shared but secure access to all data on a single, central server
  • Users can connect via their Local Area Network or online – via a secure Internet-based or VPN login Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Online controllers’ manual and context-sensitive help within data-entry forms.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Consolidation & Cash Management:

"Consolidation & Cash Management" is part of the UNIT4 Coda Financials line of products, developed by UNIT4 Business Software.

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