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Agresso Reporting and Analytics is an integral part of the Agresso Business World solution, a fully-integrated suite of ERP solutions for companies in the professional services and public sectors. It provides the agility to quickly and inexpensively analyze and report on an unlimited number of business scenarios and parameters.

Reporting and Analytics has a depth of agility and power that is unmatched by the market’s traditional ERP leaders. This stems from Agresso’s unique architecture, which integrates an organization-wide information warehouse and business process together with its reporting and analytics capabilities.

No Third-Party Bolt-on Reporting Tools Agresso Business World, unlike other ERP systems, was specifically designed to provide in-depth and agile reporting and analytics for organizations without relying on third-party reporting solutions. The Solution does accommodate third-party tools as desired.

The benefits of an integrated reporting and analytics tool include:

  • Lower maintenance cost and effort. Systems that rely on third-party reporting tools require skilled IT intervention and significant costs when changes are made to one of the components (e.g. upgrades). With Agresso, the transactional database and reporting tools are unified.
  • Unlike third-party tools, there is no need to define a separate data dictionary or to provide ongoing maintenance as business requirements evolve.
  • Changes made to the information in Agresso are immediately and seamlessly reflected in all reports. Operational reporting can be re-aligned almost immediately by retaining both old and new hierarchies.

Sophisticated Reporting and Analytics

Agresso’s Reporting and Analytics capability fulfills the most demanding management reporting and regulatory-driven requirements.
In addition, it easily handles standard reporting requirements such as monthly income, expenses or aging reports.

As organizations need more than just standard reports; the level of detail required or methods of analysis can change depending on the project. Agresso easily adapts to the ever-changing reporting and analytics needs of the organization.

Superior Ad Hoc Queries

There is virtually no limit to the amount of data that can be retrieved for in-depth analysis. Agresso’s underlying structure allows the capture and analysis of all business information in the system, from any source application.

Role-Based Reporting and Analytics

Information can be combined from anywhere within Agresso Business World, including Financial Management, Procurement Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Project Costing and Billing, as well as from external systems. Users can set up report templates for quick and regular use.

The key to agility in Agresso Reporting and Analytics is that at a moment’s notice, users can completely change how the information is captured and viewed in Agresso – all that changes is the criteria. Different people can view the same information from entirely different perspectives. Or, a manager can present one set of findings to report on monthly earnings and use the same information in another format to justify moving the business in a new direction.

Agresso’s agile reporting and analytics tools allow business modeling and robust “what-if” scenario analysis that can drive business change and positively impact the bottom-line.

Business Process Automation

Agresso takes reporting and analytics to the next level by providing the ability to eliminate the manual generation of reports, allowing the user to focus on exceptions and critical actions required. Automatically generated e-mail messages indicating that an event or exception has occurred that requires attention and human intervention. Agresso Business Process Automation can also trigger system tasks, including ordering reports and running queries.

Document Archive

The integrated Document Archive feature links external files to transactions or master file information as a simple drill down. All varieties of external files are supported such as scanned images, Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft Word documents or hyperlinks to Web pages.

Information Delivery

Agresso Business World was developed with an emphasis on unlimited information access of structured and unstructured data, and provides unprecedented analytics capabilities. Organizations can:

  • Publish inquiries and reports to web sites, portals and intranets, or wherever it is convenient for each user level to access relevant information
  • Create ad hoc inquiries through an intuitive graphical interface, identical in all modules
  • Make inquiry templates available to specific groups of users
  • View inquiry results through a multitude of channels; on-line screens, e-mailed Microsoft Excel workbooks and Word documents
  • Take advantage of unlimited roll-up, drill-down and drill-around capabilities
  • Sort, format or filter reports on an ongoing basis without the need for technical assistance

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"Reporting and Analytics" is part of the UNIT4 Business World line of products, developed by UNIT4 Business Software.

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