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Business is dynamic and Agresso knows that an ERP system cannot remain static. Agresso Business Process Automation (BPA) takes the Agresso ERP system to the next level of agility and allows users to fine tune their software in response to business changes. Agresso BPA will transform Agresso ERP into an intelligent proactive business software solution, allowing users to ‘discover and respond,’ to their specific situation and monitor the current state of the business.

Agresso BPA - no programming required The Agresso BPA tool set is specifically designed for out-of-the box use with all Agresso modules - no programming is required. There are three primary tools: Workflow, IntellAgent, and Action Overview. Each can be used alone or in combination with one another.

Features and Benefits

Agresso Workflow for process automation With Agresso Workflow, users can perform visual modeling to intelligently map-out and document processes which manage and proactively push out work assignments. Workflow provides visibility into company-wide processes and allows users to look up a specific employee’s involvement, track and report progress, and review performance metrics.

Corporate governance, internal controls and procedures

Agresso Workflow enables organizations to adhere to operational policies and guidelines. For example, Workflow can:

  • Outline who approves what
  • Enforce approval limits
  • Define the number of authorizers needed to approve a high value item
  • Require reasons and actions when an item is declined, such as the need for more documentation

Solution Overview - Workflow

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop design tools for simple building, and managing of models
  • Version control and tracking of changes to review designs prior to finalization
  • Intelligent validation to ensure logically correct and error-free process models
  • Business rules that govern each step in the process
  • Workflow approval with automatic notification that a task requires attention
  • Automated reminders, escalations and alerts
  • Workflow metrics and statistics to track performance and uncover bottle-necks

Agresso IntellAgent for business alerts

Agresso IntellAgent is an alert and response system that allows users to set up events with corresponding actions. IntellAgent takes ‘intelligent’ actions based on monitored data and events and triggers responses such as emailing messages, SMS alerts, running reports, initiating server processes and placing messages in task panes, alert lists and dashboards.

Corporate governance, internal controls and procedures

Agresso’s IntellAgent is an exception monitoring tool which establishes a high level of operational control and risk reduction. For example IntellAgent can:

  • Automatically update a customer status to “on hold” when a credit limit is exceeded
  • Monitor a critical system process and alert the system administrator
  • Send reminders to HR when an employee probation period elapses
  • Notify treasury staff when transaction limits are exceeded
  • Notify staff with new work orders or changed project or activity status
  • Send reminders for timesheet approvals within a specified number of days

Solution Overview - IntellAgent

  • Configurable event definition using simple queries, SQL scripts or directory polling
  • Alert definition for both Agresso and non-Agresso data
  • Triggered response such as file handling, server process initiation, executable commands/scripts
  • Scheduling capabilities to allow users to define frequency of event monitoring

Agresso Action Overview for interaction records and action items

Agresso Action Overview is a tool to manage key “to do” items associated with any master file or transactions record and to view interaction between all users and the master file. These actions may be tasks, phone calls, generated reports or any other user designated follow-up items.

Corporate governance, internal controls and procedures

The Agresso Action Overview tool can alert managers and employees alike when time-critical events haven’t occurred. For example Action Overview can act as the vehicle for recording actions performed in response to the prompts such as:

  • Filing a building permit
  • Confirming receipt of a shipment
  • Awarding a project

Solution Overview - Action Overview

  • Features a record of past actions taken and can document future planned actions
  • Links to the document archive allowing users to associate documents to an action
  • Links to workflow enabling processes to automatically create action items

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Business Process Automation:

"Business Process Automation" is part of the UNIT4 Business World line of products, developed by UNIT4 Business Software.

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