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Field Force delivers mobile field service and asset maintenance capabilities in one solution to meet the needs of asset maintenance, inventory management, contract management, resource allocation, regulatory reporting, time/billing invoicing, and mobile workforce communication. Field Force enables field service/asset maintenance organizations to manage projects that require ongoing maintenance in a streamlined and transparent way to fulfill high volume, small service order activities.

Increase the speed and quality of response
Field Force provides a consolidated and centralized view of the entire service order process. Call center staff and field workers can view, take action and provide real-time updates based on the same set of information. Customers who demand top quality service immediately see the benefits via quicker response times and an increased level of service.

Improve utilization and efficiency of field workers As with all service-centric organizations, the management and efficient use of resources is critical. There are many typical problems organizations can overcome by using Field Force.

  • Eliminate delays in finding resources closest to a service need
  • Increase visibility into the ctivities and locations of mobile workers
  • Decrease missed productivity opportunities because the mobile workforce is cut-off from access to office-based computer applications

Reduce revenue leakage and shorten invoicing cycle times Field Force’s mobile integration capabilities translate into faster invoicing cycles and problem resolution. Mobile field workers are able to accurately account for tasks performed and materials used, update inventory and close the invoice-cycle in real-time while on-the-job.

Analyze overall business operations via performance metrics and reporting The Field Force module is a fully integrated part of the Business World ERP solution suite which provides the ability to view, analyze and report on the entire business operations surrounding Field Service and Asset Maintenance. This functionality allows Management to identify bottlenecks, increase efficiency and gain an unparalleled top-down view. For example:

  • Profitability by work order
  • Average time for task completion
  • Cost break-down for time, material, and ad hoc costs
  • Workload balance by department, skill set, competency, and region

Solution Overview – Business World Field Force

  • A single point of entry for managing customer information, registering, planning resource, planning material, and tracking progress
  • Embedded analytics and reporting for on-demand tracking of time, capacity, skills, financial and inventory management
  • Automated work order registration, inventory and product usage updates
  • Capacity to handle over 2,000 work orders per day
  • Unlimited capture of data via user defined fields
  • Integrated document management
  • Ability to create credit invoices for both products and hours
  • Separate and customized price lists for time and materials
  • Import of products and catalogues with flexible mapping to support different file formats
  • Purchasing optimization to compare prices from different suppliers
  • Out-of-the-box infrastructure for mobile device integration to 3rd party mobile devices


Business World Field Force enables field service/asset maintenance organizations to provide the highest levels of service for today’s demanding customers. Thousands of individual service level agreements (SLA) need to be managed, each with their own unique pricing model. Failure to meet these demands means declining customer satisfaction, serious delivery delays, and invoice errors that impact payments and cash flow.

Business World Field Force addresses these challenges in a practical way – balancing customer satisfaction and business profitability.

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