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Purchase Orders provides all the detail to properly order product from your vendors, provide alternate part id’s and descriptions, multiple ship dates per line item and track receipt dates. You can issue PO’s to vendor or as an outside processing type PO.

The Parts Master also provides alternative descriptions specific to Purchase Orders so that the exact ordering description can be entered one time and used for all future orders.

Items can be ordered using different units of measure than on sales as well. We provide several methods to link the various units of measure so that you can use the proper unit for each order per vendor.

Each individual line on a purchase order can have multiple scheduled ship dates from the vendor, with required quantities and we track the receipts this way as well. This allows for comparison of how well a vendor meets your schedule of shipments and allows you to see how well your vendors are servicing your account.

Each Purchase Order allows for only one delivery location/warehouse at this time.

Purchase Orders have several statuses including new, back-ordered and closed and are updated via the programs as the order is processed in the system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Orders:

"Purchase Orders" is part of the e-Insight ERP line of products, developed by Unified Solutions.