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e-Insight ERP

An ERP system designed by Unified Solutions.
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e-Insight ERP is a comprehensive Business-to-Business ERP solution, encompassing everything from order entry and production planning to full-featured accounting. e-Insight ERP was developed from a manufacturer’s and distribution user’s perspective resulting in a fully functional, user-friendly ERP solution with an intuitive and easy to learn layout.

e-Insight ERP is completely integrated and uses a modular design concept of the business logic that provides flexibility, customizability and enables it to be a solution that can expand and grow with your company. Customizations are coded in a layered format enabling future system upgrades without affecting existing customizations.

e-Insight ERP’s installation time is chiefly required for molding the software to your business rather than changing your business processes to conform to the software.

e-Insight ERP features include: Rapid Deployment with default setup, Intuitive Design for easy training, Easy Navigation between forms with key data passed through for viewing, Drill Down to Source, Scaleable - as your business grows we can grow without modification, from single user to hundreds of users.

Primary ‘Modules’ to this integrated solution are:

Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory and Parts Master, Shipping and Receiving with Multiple Warehouses and Shelf/Bin Locations, Invoicing quickly generated from Shipments, Bill of Materials - multiple levels, Work Centers and Work Orders, Work In Process, Full Accounting including GL, AR, AP, Banks, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements. Also Consolidated Shipping of Sales Orders, Bill of Lading creation, Manifests, Consolidated Picking Lists, Packing Lists.

We can also un-bundle portions of the product and use only those that you need to run a specific portion of your business. Such as order entry, inventory, shipping and invoicing.

e-Insight ERP are a data dictionary driven solution, fully XML compliant, provide Unicode and ANSI Support, can access most other Windows databases including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Universe, Unidata, etc. Data can also be accessed via an ODBC Driver so you can use Crystal Reports to develop your own reports if so desired.

Because of our ability to work with other databases, it may be possible to directly read your historical data in your legacy system which may minimize your need to import the data - dependant on review of your old data and how it is stored/accessed.

All modules may be modified/customized to add company specific terminology, calculations, and other industry specific items as needed so you can use e-Insight ERP exactly as you require it to run, rather than adjusting your processes to how your software runs.

The technical side – e-Insight ERP runs on Windows XP Pro and Vista workstations. Servers supported are Windows 2003/2008 Server, and Linux (Red Hat, Debian, etc.) e-Insight ERP can be run locally or hosted remotely.

Bar Code Printing is provided by the Loftware Print Server allowing us to generate UCC-128 and GTIN-14 labels, and to create any customer specific label formats. By sending our data to the Loftware Server we can print to all Loftware supported printers on your local network or to an IP printer across the internet. This way you can print labels at offsite warehouses without needing to install a pc at the location.

RFID capability is provided via the Loftware products.

VICS compliant Bill of Lading forms are printed using the SmartBoL product. We send out our data and this product will generate a standard or custom Bill of Lading printed on a laser printer. We can now create a pdf version of the Bill of Lading so that you can email the form if needed. Printing can be sent to any printer on your network.

Wireless Bar Code scanners can be used for warehouse data collection. We support Windows CE based scanners. Menus and scanning options can be customized for your specifications with real time updates of location changes, assigning cartons to shipments, etc.

e-Insight ERP handles EDI via the FrEDI Pro solution from User Friendly Systems. We can process most transaction sets sending data back and forth between systems in a seemless fashion. We currently support many of the major retailers including K-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Penney’s, Anna’s Linens, Belk’s, Stein Mart, Burlington Coat Factory to name a few.

e-Insight ERP can connect to various eCommerce web sites, including open source solutions using mySQL or other databases. We can integrate the data from each system to properly update the tables in the other for such things as customers, orders, inventory and pricing. If a more full featured eCommerce solution is required, we have another full featured and completely customizable option that we can use.

Popular Functionality Modules

Shipping & Receiving

Accounting The Accounting portion includes General Ledger with Chart of Accounts Setup, Accounts Receivable tracking and Invoicing, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable/Voucher Entry, Cash…

Purchase Orders Purchase Orders provides all the detail to properly order product from your vendors, provide alternate part id’s and descriptions, multiple ship dates per line item and…

Production and MRP The Production sub-system provides access to such things as Bill of Material (multi-level), Setup of Work Centers, Routing, Work Order Setup and Processing, Work In Process,…

Sales Orders The Sales Order Module is very straight forward and logical in how it processes data - it provides quick data validation, links to other modules to lookup data quickly and to…

Complete Functionality Module List

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