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Unanet capabilities by license type:

Unanet software is available in six different license types: Unanet Project Time, Project Expense, Project Tracking, Project Portfolio, Project Tracking Financials and Project Portfolio Financials. To understand which capabilities are available with each license type, click here.

Unanet offers two license deployment options:

On Premise Software License

With the Unanet On Premise License, you obtain a license to use the Unanet software for specific Unanet modules. You then host the software on your own servers for use by your organization. To prepare to host the Unanet software for your organization, Unanet provides configuration guidelines for sizing and software and hardware technology alternatives.

Along with the Unanet On Premise License is the Unanet Maintenance License with annual fees. This Unanet Maintenance License provides for technical support hours and three to four annual Unanet software updates. Technical support hours are for telephone or e-mail support. The Unanet software updates plus training documentation and other important Unanet information is available on the Unanet Support Site.

Cloud Subscription License

With the Unanet Cloud License, subscription fees are paid over a period of time. Unanet provides the infrastructure to host the Unanet software for this ‘Cloud Computing’ offering. Unanet Cloud customers receive security, reliability and high-availability through the Unanet software and Unanet’s hosting partner, Digicon. The Unanet software provides password encryption, privileges by role, access to the data only through the web interface, and encryption (SSL).

Digicon is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality network infrastructure to support its high-speed Private Network and Internet access service. Digicon provides high network availability, firewalls, redundant Internet bandwidth, uninterruptible and extended power, physically secure facilities, off-site backup, and redundant disk and CPU processing.

Both Unanet and Digicon employ sophisticated monitoring in the event that a problem occurs.


Cloud software or “cloud computing” is of increasing interest to more and more businesses of all sizes as they look to support their information technology needs in a scalable way

  • Incremental cost rather than upfront license fees
  • Ability to increase system capacity more easily
  • Higher availability and remote access
  • Allows customers IT staff to focus on higher priority areas rather than just keeping systems operational

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