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UDA Technologies

A developer of business management software.

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UDA Technologies is a leading provider of construction technologies, software, application development, and architectural services for construction professionals in the United States, Canada, and 60 countries worldwide. Headquartered in the thriving university community of Auburn, Alabama, approximately an hour from Atlanta, Georgia, UDA maintains close ties with Auburn University’s Engineering, Information Technologies, and Architectural resources that rank in the Top 25, enabling UDA to build a staff of professionals that truly understand construction technologies.

Quick Facts

  • Average Annual Growth Rate of over 45%
  • Profitable every year since inception
  • Tens of Thousands of Installed Users
  • Products Distributed across the United States, Canada, and 60 Countries Worldwide
  • UDA Software Helps Manage Over 32 Billion Dollars of Construction Annually
  • UDA Websites Receive over 4.2 Million Hits Per Month

Product Lines

Market Focus

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