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Direct FAX output - All print output may be directly facsimiled, no hard copy required

On-screen margin display - Subject to user authorization level

Deliver-to address by item - Yes

Delivery date by item - Yes

Support TBA and ASAP dates - Uses product specific lead time information to interpret

Messaging - Internal and external, free text or from messages database

Multiple price files - Unlimited, may be customer specific

Multiple discount structures - Yes

Sundry charge lines - Yes

Allocation of items - Continual dynamic allocation of items on “first come first served“ basis

*Access to supply information * - On-line automatic display of all supply and demand information

Sales calendar - Consistency with product dependent lead time parameters monitored

VAT by item within invoice - Yes

Maintenance of order modifications - All modifications are recorded and historical order status is available

Maximum number of lines per order - 9,999

”Back-to-back“ manufacturing orders - Suggested orders created as governed by information in parts master

”Order-with“ purchase items - Suggested orders created as per information help in supplier cross reference

Rapid entry of call off orders - Copy function enables easy creation of multiple lines

Comprehensive customer search facilities - Search by account number, name beginning, name containing, zip code/postcode and address

Comprehensive part search facilities - Search by key field or part number, description beginning or containing

Configurable products - Powerful configurator enables exclusions, inclusions, combinations and multiple pricing structures

Credit checking - Multiple rules may be established based on amounts owing, orders-on-hand and un-finalized shipments

Prepaying authorization - Able to prevent order release until payment received

Progressing - Powerful trace functions enable the exact status of an order to be easily ascertained

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Management:

"Sales Management" is part of the WinMan line of products, developed by TTW.