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On-line creation of supplier detail - Subject to user authorization Deliver-to address by item - Subject to user authorization

Delivery date by item - Yes

Delivery direct to other companies - Yes

Support of TBA and ASAP dates - Uses product specific lead time information to interpret

Supplier cross reference - Includes part number, description, documents, discounts, contracts, delivery days and lead-times

Invitation to tender (ITT) status - Equivalent to “confirmed not committed” in MRP processing

Conversion of ITT to firm order - By whole list or item selection

Restriction of source - May be set at part level

Multiple pricing - May be locked or advisory and related to source restrictions

Multiple discount structures - May be locked to supplier or at order entry subject to user authorization

One off purchase orders - Yes

Inventory and non-inventory items - Yes

Subcontracting process value only - Yes

Subcontracting process sequencing - Subcontractor may receive and ship to other subcontractors

Full history on vendor performance - Yes

VAT by item - Yes

On-line view of picture of part - Yes, may even be multimedia

On-line view of part specification - Yes

On-line order progress notes - Yes

Maintenance of order modifications - All modification are recorded and historical information is on line

KanBan purchasing - Single key stroke creation of call off and receipts, due date recognizes vendor delivery calendar

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order Processing:

"Purchase Order Processing" is part of the WinMan line of products, developed by TTW.