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Manufacturing orders - May be confirmed from MRP output, sales or directly entered

KanBan - Full backflush based on specified routing for assembly

Future demand visible on line - All proposed, firm and released orders may be viewed on line

Variable view options - View may be by order, product, location or due date

Automatic release - Based on build time offset against required date

Recognition of items in work areas - Picking instructions reflect items already in manufacturing location

Work-in-progress by location - Quantity by item also held

Shortage monitoring - “Shortages only” option available throughout

Issue short - User switchable

Build short - System warns of shortages, cancels shortage if build confirmed

Cancel and reissue latest version - Yes with all stock movements being automatic

Move between manufacturing order’s - By item

Scrap issued items - By item

Current costs calculation - Available on screen at any time

Traceability - Individual lots identifiable at item level within WIP

Multiple WIP accounts - Limited only by chart of accounts

Shop floor monitoring - Progress of an order may be identified by work center

Make more than on order - Subject to authorization

Build-to-ship - Items may be recorded as built and back-flushed during the shipment process

Cell manufacture - Manufacturing location may be set by order or by product

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing Control:

"Manufacturing Control" is part of the WinMan line of products, developed by TTW.