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Comment facility at time of receiving - Receiver may enter any relevant comments

On-line view of all open orders - Selection is from display of all open items with relevant supplier

On-line selection of storage location - Default is specific to part being received

On-line entry of lot or serial number - Default is combination of order and item number

Advice of test requirements - Yes

Advice of manufacturing demand - WIP shortages reported by manufacturing order by location

Availability of item being received - Immediate for manufacturing, sale and invoice matching

Receive more than ordered - Subject to user authorization

Book in non-tangibles - Receipt of any item on an order may be processed

Detail of goods received not invoiced - By supplier, item, date received, value and current status

Mass receipt of all items on order - Yes

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Goods Receiving:

"Goods Receiving" is part of the WinMan line of products, developed by TTW.