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A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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TTW was formed in 1992 by Joe Wilkinson to develop, market, and support Y2K compliant Windows ERP systems for small to midsize manufacturing and distribution companies. The key product is called WinMan, which was first installed at a client’s site in April 1993 and was probably the first genuine native Windows ERP product to be implemented anywhere.

WinMan has been in use for over six years with clients ranging from five to over two hundred users and from small family owned businesses to fortune 100 companies. WinMan is a functionally rich, high performance system supporting traditional (push) and modern lean (pull), JIT, agile, flow, and manufacturing processes.

TTW provides outstanding support to clients during the rapid implementation process and first class continuing support as the clients information technology partner. WinMan is extremely flexible to evolve with the client’s changing business process needs.

WinMan has won many awards starting in 1996 as a finalist for the Microsoft ‘Leonardo’ Award for technical innovation in Manufacturing. This honor was for an implementation of a 200 user site, Lantech Incorporated in Louisville, Kentucky in 1995. The implementation was on the Microsoft Windows NT platform and the successful go live date was under three months from the initial installation. This was certainly the first implementation of a native Windows ERP system of this size on the Windows NT platform. The system obtained payback for Lantech in six months.

TTW has corporate facilities in Sussex, England and Leesburg, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C. and support facilities across the UK and USA.

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  • WinMan

    A full ERP system designed by TTW.

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