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TRX Integration

A developer of business management software.

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Our commitment to the Foodservice industry is second to none. By specializing in one market segment, TRX has been able to develop the most comprehensive, industry specific, enterprise-wide software available on the market today for the food equipment dealer/distributor. We endeavor to provide our customers a management tool that:

  • Realizes efficiency of operations to ensure a solid ROI.
  • Provides the necessary process controls, inherent through proper use of TRX Enterprise™, to ensure best practices in business operations and customer service.
  • Adapts to the marketplace and provides a competitive advantage over those dealers that are burdened by the limited functionality of generic distribution software.
  • Increases penetration into existing revenue streams without major business change, for example, the projects component of our industry.
  • Saves considerable time involved in the redundant keying of data through the integration of a comprehensive enterprise-wide system that manages: accounting, sales, inventory and projects.
  • Assures scalability as operations grow by utilizing the most powerful data base engine available, Oracle, and their development toolset that continues to lead the industry.

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