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Repair and Maintenance Scheduler - Book in a repair with a client, for one-off work, warranty or regular service calls. Have these scheduled for any period, over any time, so that you know what is required for the future.

Appointment Tracking - Complete breakdown of all required details for any repair, including income generated and costs involved. Great for time tracking etc.

Feedback Reports - Reports on customer responses to any meeting or contact, had with any Rep or Employee. Great for getting information on how the repairs and service calls are being handled and what customers think of the Rep that attended.

Equipment Tracking - Track each individual piece of equipment owned and operated by any customer, giving you a complete history on the piece of equipment and its profitability. Create schedules based on each piece of equipment or customer.

Warranty Repairs - TrueERP allows you to service customer equipment and invoice the company responsible for the warranty giving complete control over servicing, products and labour costs.

Workshop Management - Full workshop management with reports including work in progress, staff costing, job costing and job profitability. Jobs can be scanned in and out of work in progress giving real time worksheets and labour costs.

Work In Progress Reports - See at a glance what jobs are being worked on and at what stage they are at with everything from “Waiting on Product” to “Re-assignment to another Employee”. Create your own stages at any time, giving you complete control over your Work In Progress.

Instant Invoicing - Create invoices with the push of a button, from the repair job with the inclusion of all products and labour involved.

Time Sheet Entry -Full link with time sheets and payroll, so again all costs associated with any job are always tracked and accounted for.

Profit & Loss Reporting - Full profit and loss reporting on each and every job, with costs and income tracked. Compare quoted values to actual income received, for greater control.

Variations - Create and track any and all variations for any job, ensuring that no cost is missed with everything from time sheets, products and service calls covered.

Serial Numbers - Full integrated serial number tracking of any piece of equipment, for any customer. Great for keeping accurate records of who has what and what it has required for servicing etc over any point in time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Workshop Module:

"Workshop Module" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.