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Customer - Complete details as required to keep an accurate and extensive Customer database. A database or collection of information which is fully integrated with a complete business management and accounting system. This collection of information can be added to or deleted from depending on your requirements, even down to creating your own customisable fields and drop downs.

Customer History - An extensive and complete history of every Invoice, Cash Sale, Refund and Sale etc. that you have with this customer. These can be simply drilled into at any time, to open the original transaction that makes up the report.

Permanent Customer Discounts - Set up each individual customer to have either a one-off discount, a specific product discount, grouped products or family discount, permanent, volume or date range discount, even a markup, should the need arise.

Picking Slips - Prints location of stock within your warehouse by rack number and or bin location. You can also print all un-printed picking slips, with the touch of one button, or individual picking slips as required.

Multiple Shipping Addresses - Each customer can have multiple shipping addresses, which can be added to or deleted from depending on your requirements.

Customisable Fields - Add your own specific fields to the customer card. These can be text fields, date picker fields or drop downs. Drop downs force a certain value to be selected, thus making your database consistant throughout. There is even an option for a field to be required, i.e. you can not save the customer, until the field has been updated. Again great for consistency.

Template Design - The TrueERP Software suite has one of the most user friendly, yet arguably the most powerful template, printout designer modules, built into the suite. Great for designing any printout, of any form, in any manner you choose, so you can have an invoice or cash sale look any way you choose, including logos, images and barcodes.

Sales Order - Used as a confirmation of a sale prior to invoicing. TrueERP Software sales orders come with full picking slip and delivery docket capability. These can also be easily converted to any number of options from invoices to Purchase Orders etc.

Invoices - Can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the invoice screen as TrueERP has its own built in fax and email engine, so no external software is required.

Back Orders - Complete back order system that will track what is yet to be delivered to your customers. Combine all orders for one customer, into one for easier shipping.

Cash Sales - Can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the Cash Sale screen as TrueERP has its own built in fax and email engine so no external software is required.

Customer Contact Lists -Keeps a complete list of all the contacts associated with this customer, which can be added to or deleted from depending on your requirements.

Delivery Dockets - Prints your delivery information based on the order created, be it a sales order or invoice. You can also print all un-printed delivery dockets with one button, or individual delivery docket as required.

Transaction Customer Discounting - Set up or auto load from sales transactions, one off discount options per customer per product. These can be done in any number of ways including foreign amounts and mark-ups. Structure a complete price list for a group of customers or again for just one individual.

Customer Profitability - Track any and all costs for a customer job or project from expenses to time sheet entries. Combine these with quoted amounts to see any differences between that and the final income. Great for seeing in an instant if you are making money with this customer, at any time during the job or project.

Foreign Currency - Allows the selling and purchasing of goods from and to a foreign country. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set as well as auto loading of a currency adjustment value when payment is made. Products can also be pre-asigned with a foreign supplier and costs displayed in the foreign currency amount.

Units Of Measure -Track your products in virtually any way you can think of, from cartons to pallets or kilograms to litres, sheets to rolls. Have these shown in these different units of measure ie. we have 240 bottles, 10 cartons and 1 pallet.

Multi-Site Enabled - Supports unlimited different store and warehouse locations, all feeding from and back to one head office. Each site can make alterations or additions, which in turn update to every other site, instantly. Should the internet go down for any reason or time TrueERP will wait until it re-activates then send everything, while still allowing full operation at every site with no loss in speed or activity.

CRM - Complete history and record of all correspondence with each and every customer, as the customer database is fully integrated with the CRM module of TrueERP.

Batch Printing - Invoices can be printed in order of date or customer or number or simply all un-printed orders.

Customer Document Tracking - Keeps a copy or a link from within TrueERP of every Letter, fax or email sent to each individual customer.

Seamless Office Links - One click of a button to automatically create spreadsheets, letters or emails in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Outlook. If you don’t use Microsoft then you can create these options directly within TrueERP or have them communicate with virtually any default email program, such as thunderbird etc.

Quotes and Estimates - Unlimited number per individual customer or job with one button conversion to a sales order or invoice, even to ordering the goods through a purchase order. By creating the purchase order from the quote, sales order or invoice the goods can be tracked all the way.

Refunds - Can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the refund screen as TrueERP has its own built in fax and email engine.

Progress Invoicing - Great for extended projects where a portion of the total job, needs to be invoiced at any time. Enter the value as a percentage of the entire job or as a fixed value.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales:

"Sales" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.