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Default Reports - The TrueERP Software suite comes pre-loaded with over 250 standard reports. Every one of these reports can be completely customised to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Extensive Reporting Features on all Aspects - You can customise any one of the existing standard reports in the TrueERPSoftware suite in hundreds of different ways. These reports can then be saved and viewed at any time. With an almost unlimited range of reports, using different printouts and styles that will allow a user to create a new report or modify any existing report and save as their own. Set your columns of data to not only total as a sum, but display an average, a maximum or minimum value or any other range of totaling features. These reports can then be used to create any number of charts, with an almost unlimited range of design and styles within the charts and graph areas. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any of these reports can be simply drilled into. This fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

SQL Report Writer - TrueERP has one of the most user friendly, yet arguably the most powerful SQL report and template designer modules built into the suite. Great for designing any printout of any form in any manner you choose. So you can have a report, invoice or cash sale look anyway you choose including logos, images and barcodes.

Standard and SQL - All standard reports within the TrueERP Software suite are real time and drillable. When you view the data in the standard report mode you can create your own reports, double click on the data within these reports and drill back to the transaction that created the report in the first place.

Export to Spreadsheet - Any report can be instantly exported in a range of formats from Text to CSV, XML to HTML. Great for reading in a spreadsheet or web page.

Fully Integrated - The TrueERP Software suite is sold complete with every function and module included in every package. So when you use the TrueERP Software suite you can simply and quickly turn on any of these modules, at any time, and start using it immediately. By doing this, TrueERP ensures that any data changes and additions to any module will immediately impact on all modules.

Cost Centre - An enormous range of departmental or cost centre reports, where everything from profit and loss, sales reports to balance sheets, can be broken into departments. Great for breaking your business into accountable areas like parts and sales. Questions like, “Is the parts department making money?” can be answered with the push of a button.

Charts - Any report within the TrueERP Software suite can be turned into a chart and/or graph. These can be edited fully and saved as a default chart, for simple one click viewing later. As the system is real time, these charts are always up to date to the second.

My Reports - Create and save any of the reports or charts as your own, so that when you open the report selector it will display a “My Reports” section. This section will display only your reports and charts for easy access.

Filters - Using an unlimited number of filters, on top of filters will give you the ability to create almost any specific report, on almost any subject. You can then save this filter as a Custom Filter and when needed again simply select it for instant results. A Custom Filter can also be set as default so the list opens to that filter every time.

Dashboard - Great for a snapshot of your business on one screen, with easy to read lists and charts as a summary of some of the critical areas within any business.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reports:

"Reports" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.