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Supplier - Complete details as required to keep an accurate and extensive supplier database. A database or collection of information which is fully integrated with a complete business management and accounting system. This collection of information can be added to or deleted from depending on your requirements, even down to creating your own customisable fields and drop downs.

Supplier History - An extensive and complete history of every Bill, Cheque, Purchase Order, Return Authority and Credit etc that you have with this supplier. These can simply be drilled into at any time to open the original transaction that makes up the report.

Template Design - TrueERP has one of the most user friendly, yet arguably the most powerful template, printout designer modules built in to the suite. Great for designing any printout of any form in any manner you choose, so you can have a bill or purchase order look anyway you choose including logos, images and barcodes.

Source Lists - Keeps accurate accounts of where enquiries originate from e.g. Yellow pages, Radio or newspaper etc. This can be related to an expense account, which will then give you a relative return on the value spent on that form of advertising.

Foreign Currency - Allows selling and purchasing from foreign countries. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set as well as auto loading of any currency adjustment value when a payment is made. Products can be pre-assigned with a supplier who has a fixed amount in the suppliers currency, which will auto load and adjust the currency amount by the foreign amount.

Supplier Discounting - Set-up each individual suppliers products with volume purchase rebates etc. Enter different prices for purchasing and selling at different volume levels, i.e. if you buy one of the products or if you buy fifty of the same product you can set a different price that will automatically load onto the purchase order at the time of ordering.

Smart Orders - Fantastic way of ordering stock by simply selecting the product you need and the smart order will automatically create a purchase order for whoever is the preferred supplier of that product. If there are four different suppliers, for four different products then four individual purchase orders will be created.

Purchase Orders - Can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the purchase order screen as the TrueERPSoftware suite has its own built in fax and email engine, so no external software is required.

Return Authorities - Fantastic tool for tracking the return of purchased goods, where they can either be used as a refund on any outstanding purchase order or as a way of knowing what goods you have with a supplier that are being repaired.

Bills - Again these can be faxed, emailed, or printed in multiple formats, all from the purchase order screen as the TrueERP Software suite has its own built in fax and email engine.

Back Orders - Complete back order system that will track what is yet to be delivered by your suppliers. Combine all orders for one supplier into one for easier shipping or treat them as individuals for tracking against your customers.

Supplier Product Code Tracking - Purchase orders can be entered using either your product name or the suppliers product code. Either way, will print with either option or both if required.

Auto Price Adjustments - If altering a price on a purchase order TrueERP will ask if you wish to update your price list to this new price. The TrueERP Software suite will also automatically add any new supplier of a product, also loading their prices and codes directly from the purchase order.

Memorise Any Transaction - This will allow you to create any transaction such as an invoice or a cheque and memorise it. This transaction will then automatically appear every week, month or quarter as required. This is a great feature for regular monthly payments like hire purchases or rental payments etc.

Barcode Printing - Barcodes can be automatically printed on receipt of goods from a supplier or you can simply re-print the barcodes directly from the product list. The numbers printed can be based on either the numbers in stock or you can choose any number to print.

Auto Re-Order - TrueERP will check your entire product list, including satellite stores, and report on how many products you need to bring your stock levels back to your defined re-order points or preferred levels.

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